Pier Stetching out from Majuro Bridge

Pier Stetching out from Majuro Bridge

A long cement structure, this pier stretches out into the ocean and provides access by car or foot.


Lifting a Coconut Tree Trunk Underwater

Lifting a Coconut Tree Trunk Underwater

In the lagoon just outside of the house there was a coconut tree, washed close to share by the current. Coconut tree trunks are incredibly heavy, but underwater this is not the case.

Tobolar Copra Processing Plant

Tobolar Copra Processing Plant

December, 2012, tour of the Tobolar Copra Precessing Plant in Majuro.

Gecko on Steering Wheel

Gecko on Steering Wheel

In the parking lot of Marshall Islands Resort in December of 2012 ther was a small lizard awaiting our return from the restaurant.

Taking the Pup for a Ride in the Tub

Taking the Pup for a Ride in the Tub

September, 2013: Swimming with a puppy on the lagoon. He didn’t seem to mind too much from what I observed. The wash basin wasn’t buoyant enough to hold me unfortunately!

Trophy Marlin

Trophy Marlin

A huge fish which was caught close to Majuro Atoll. Over 300 pounds! The date was July 6th, 2013 and the tournament was the Marshalls Billfish Club 31st Annual Fisherman’s Day July Tournament.

Bikini Town Hall

Bikini Town Hall

A 2012 visit to Bikini Town Hall in Majuro. The photograph depicts a prepared scene in which American military men communicated to the Bikinians that their atoll would be used “for the good of mankind” via nuclear testing.

Fixing the Car

Fixing the Car

The front passenger side tire had gone flat on this day in 2013 and so a friend from the school assisted me in relacing it with the spare. It’s not easy to change a tire without getting one’s khakis dirty!

Diving in the “Pontoon”

In the Marshall Islands many people store rain water in large plastic tanks such as the one shown here in the photograph. Since there are too many people (some 20,000) in Majuro City, the capital, the underground aquifers are not sufficient enough to supply the entire population. Thus, plastic catchments are required.

The reason for my having entered this catchment: while assembling a makeshift table from beach logs I dropped a large piece of wood on the pipe leading out of the catchment, breaking the glue bond which was sealing the connecting pipes.

A cork from a wine bottle had to be shaved to fit the inside of the catchment pipe so that no water leaked out when the connecting pipes were fixed on the outside.