Personal Japanese-English Dictionary

Started in 2003, this notebook became my first real entry into the world of languages.


Freezer at Gugeegue Home

Freezer at Gugeegue Home

This freezer kept cold all items which necessitated cooling.

Pier Stetching out from Majuro Bridge

Pier Stetching out from Majuro Bridge

A long cement structure, this pier stretches out into the ocean and provides access by car or foot.

Majuro and Arno Atolls

Majuro and Arno Atolls

This is a satellite photograph showing both Arno and Majuro. One gets a sense of how truly small these atolls and islands are when they are seen from a high altitude.

Trophy Marlin

Trophy Marlin

A huge fish which was caught close to Majuro Atoll. Over 300 pounds! The date was July 6th, 2013 and the tournament was the Marshalls Billfish Club 31st Annual Fisherman’s Day July Tournament.

Bikini Town Hall

Bikini Town Hall

A 2012 visit to Bikini Town Hall in Majuro. The photograph depicts a prepared scene in which American military men communicated to the Bikinians that their atoll would be used “for the good of mankind” via nuclear testing.